About Us


TMK Klinck Ltd are a service company supplying Gate Valve Drilling and Hot Tap sales and services. Our Gate Valve Drilling and Hot Tap units are of an innovative design and incorporate the latest technology and the very best in safety features.

Both the Gate Valve Drilling and Hot Tap units are rated for 15000psi working pressure and are sour service compliant. The units are certified to the highest standards and are Zone1, BV, DNV, ATEX&CE marked, enabling them to operate anywhere in the world.

The Gate Valve Drilling unit is used for drilling out broken or inoperable gate valves in X-Trees up to 7 1/16 inch ID and is designed to perform these tasks with pressures up to 15000 psi below the gate. The unit can also be used to mill out junk, scale or wax deposits in the well head and hanger.

The Gate Valve Drilling unit has a purpose built dynamic seal system with an integrated annular BOP that forms a secondary barrier to the primary dynamic seals.

New developments on the TMK Klinck Ltd Gate Valve Drilling unit are our hollow drill rod and milling head/disconnect system. The milling head can be disconnected should it become stuck and can later be fished with standard slick-line tools.

The Smaller Hot Tap unit is sour service compliant, 15,000psi working pressure and uses the same design principles as the larger Gate Valve Drilling unit. Our Gate Valve Drilling and Hot tap units are operated from a remote console, reducing risk to the operator and ensuring a smooth and safe operation. Both units are simple to operate and quick to rig up with a minimum crew size of two experienced operators for a 12 hour operations.

We also offer consultancy services for Well Intervention work, this includes but is not limited to: Snubbing, HWO/Work-over, Coil tubing, Slick-line, Through Tubing Fishing and Completions.

All projects undertaken by TMK Klinck Ltd are done so adopting a commitment to doing the job in a safe and cost effective manner.


We offer the latest innovative designs for Gate Valve Drilling and Hop Tap services.